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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No butterflies this time :)

Ok, I'm trying not to post too many butterfly pics. I've been posting them alot lately, so I promise I'll cut back on them (at least a little).

I saw these paper buttons and thought 'Wow! How cool are those!' And when I think that, I just HAVE to share my finds with my followers. The paper buttons below include 10 blue buttons and 10 cream buttons. You get all 20 for $1.50. These would be great to make cards with, or to scrapbook, just all kinds of creative things!

I couldn't take my eyes off of these adorable mini note cards. They are just too cute! You can get this set of 8, including the envelopes, for $6. Alot of my followers sell on Etsy. This would be great to buy so you could stick a quick little 'Thank You' kinda note to send along with the purchased item. Better yet, why not send it to previous buyers to ask if they had enjoyed the item they bought from you, and to let them know before anyone else that you're having a sale? These are beautiful cards, and you won't get this kind of quality from walmart.

Well, I've gotta hit the books and study a bit. Hope everyone has a great day!

Leave me a comment, let me know if you're the least bit curious with what my surprise is going to be next month. I at least want to know if anyone is interested in the slightest to know. :)


Erica said...

Those paper buttons are way fun!

rjblueyes said...

I'm glad you liked them. I thought they were too, I just HAD to post them to show you all!