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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last post for Luvmymonkeys-Check out her shop!

Hello everyone! Can you believe how fast this New Year is going? WOW!! I hope you've noticed, I've got a new counter up, FINALLY! I recently found one I liked. Lol, it looks like an odometer. :D

This is luvmymonkeys last day, and her link will remain on the side of my blog for the next week only. I would like to keep links on the side, but it would make my link list WAY too long. Anyways, check out these cool items in luvmymonkeys shop!

I found this lip balm in her shop. It's an all natural chocolate mint lip balm made with beeswax, oils, and butters. This is perfect to pamper yourself even a little with these harsh winds and freezing temps. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was "WOW! This is cheaper than burt's bees!" It comes in .5 tub for only $3.50!

I also found this coffee scrub for your skin. I found a recipe once in a magazine for it, and it really does make your skin look and feel amazing. The mess of making it on the other hand wasn't so great. Save yourself the hassle and the cleanup and get it from luvmymonkeys shop for only $3.50! That's WAY less than you would pay for an exfoiliating skin rub in any store!

This next VERY useful item is for anyone like me. Luvmymonkeys makes an ouchpouch. What's inside? Well, usually all the things you kids pretend boo boos fix. Bandaids. My kids play doctor, or fix thier boo boos and I don't have a bandaid for a paper cut or when I barely slice my finger with a knife cutting veggies. It also includes insect relief pads (great for the summer), and alcohol(not the drinking kind either, that's just wishful thinking! Just kidding...) But this is great. I've checked and she sells out of these pretty quickly. This will fit easily into your diaperbag or purse, probably even your car dash box. I have a very small dash box in my mini van, and not too much can fit in there. If you're like me, this is wonderful to have (my kids get hurt ALL the time). Only $5! What a steal!

And last but not least is this really cool laundry soap. I think she sells more of this than her pot holders! This is an all natural detergent that is very good for sensitive skin. Her daughter has psoriasis, so her skin can't handle all the extra gunk they put in detergent. You get thirty loads of laundry for $5 bucks. 30 loads for $5!!! No wonder this sells so fast! Where else could you get all natural detergent for $5 and get 30 loads out of it?

I hope you've enjoyed our featured seller this week. If you have, please leave a comment! Tell us what you liked from our featured sellers shop, and what you didn't like. We don't know what you think unless you tell us, so leave a comment! You will find a direct link to luvmymonkeys shop on the top left under 'My Fave Links'.

I will be posting our new featured seller soon, so stay tuned!

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