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Friday, December 17, 2010

Cell phone postcards? What will they come up with next?

I have to admit, I was not really sure how great cell phone postcards would be. I mean, how great can a picture look on a postcard? Little did I know it would look totally awesome!

I took a picture of my three little girls in thier new tinkerbell jammies in front of the christmas tree. I was really happy I hadn't sent out any christmas cards yet (yes, I am a procrastinator). I uploaded the picture I took to my computer and added it to After that I added all the family I was going to send postcards too. It was really cool 'cause it's like an address book on thier site, and it's super easy to use, find people you want to send to, add family & friends, etc. So now they even made my life a little easier because I don't have to search my house for my address book!

Next I just typed in my little christmas message from me, hubby, & the kids, and voila! I was done in like ten minutes with my christmas postcards. If I was sending out other cards, it would've taken me forever. I liked this because it was a personalized christmas card that I didn't have to hand over an arm & leg to pay for it. I live two states away from my family, so I knew my mom would be thrilled to get this in the mail. They use the whole postcard and fill it with the picture you use.

I am a bzzagent, what that means is that I get to try out products for free from companies that want my opinion. I got 10 free postcards to send to friends and family. After the 10, they are only 99 cents. Don't worry, you get ten free too to try it out ;) I think that is more than reasonable (unlike the people at the mall who want to take your childs picture with santa and charge 22.99 for a sheet. No joke! We went this past week.)

The only flaw I can see with cellphone postcards is that they need some kind of protector over the picture. Some rain got on our picture(they sent a copy, luckily it was that one) and it messed it up a little in one spot. Not a lot, but what if we had had a thunderstorm? That's the only downfall I see. Other than that,, you are good in my book!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Factor Tree

Okay, I know I usually do alot more Etsy stuff on my blog than anything else, but I did want to let everyone know about this amazing site. If you have children who are in preschool all the way to 6th grade, you will love me forever! :) At least I hope so...
I guess I should start at the beginning. Well, I am a bzzagent. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means I signed up to become a bzzagent and get some super cool samples from major companies to see what I think. Low and behold, they want me to tell others about it too! So I'm gonna share this awesome sample with my blogging friends. Being a bzzagent I am completely honest about my thoughts on the product and don't try to "sell" anything (I hate it when others try to do it to me), and tell you about the product without added "hype" so to say.

Well, here is my honest opinion about a site called TheFactorTree. Thus far I have tried it for about two weeks or so (as a bzzagent I got a free membership for a month), and I have loved every minute of it. I have two daughters that are old enough to use this service, one of which is a preschooler and the other is in first grade. This site has helped to see where my preschooler is struggling in math (I guess I forgot to mention it's a math site for preschool children up to 6th grade, huh?). It was extremely easy to sign up for, was easy to use (for me and my children), made math fun for them, and it was so very easy to see the progress and where they were struggling.

TheFactorTree helped me in knowing what I needed to work on with my children a little bit more in, which made my job of guessing the part of math they didn't get a little easier. Hey, and anything that makes my life easier as a parent is well worth my time!

Anyways, I did say I had a sample to pass on to my blogger friends as well, didn't I? Well, not only are they giving bzzagents a free membership, but they are extending that offer to you as well. You can get a free (yes, completely and totally free) 2 week free membership to TheFactorTree. When you sign up just enter the code BZZAGENT in the promo line, and voila! It's really that easy! I've made the image at the beginning of the post a clickable image so it will take you right to TheFactorTree website. Merry Math everyone!