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Monday, January 31, 2011

NEW FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Ladysilverwings

Congratulations Ladysilverwings! She will be my featured shop of the week. And it is my pleasure to do a feature on such a lovely shop!

I know I haven't featured anyone for awhile, but I thought what better time to start up again than in the spring? So, enjoy learning about Ladysilverwings and all the other Etsy shops to come in these coming weeks.

I checked out Ladysilverwings shop and... here are the results! Ladysilverwings shop opened on Etsy on February 26, 2010. Happy 1st anniversary! She has had 15 sales, and 100% positive feedback! WOOT! WTG Ladysilverwings!

I asked Ladysilverwings to tell me a litte about herself for my readers.
Here's what she wrote....

"I'm Katie Hinton, and if you can imagine a 5' tall elf with hair past her tush and allergies to the modern world, that's pretty much me. I live 15 miles from the middle of nowhere on a farm in northwestern Texas, and have been in a distance-education homeschooling program for ten years. I'll be starting college soon with a double major in history and art. I hope to make my crafts a paying job while I'm there, as one of my highest philosophies of life is to do the work I love. One of my great loves in life is finding unique materials to work with and turning them into things of beauty. I get inspiration for my designs from a lot of things, like nature, history, music, literature, dreams, travel, faith, and sometimes just walking into a store and browsing. I'll try just about any style of creation I encounter, but my main creative obsession is making jewelry. I started playing with beads when I was five, and remain willfully addicted to them. I have my own sense of style and fashion, and it shows in many of my pieces. Everything I make shares a bit of myself, and like me my style tends to evolve as I encounter more of the world."

I find this very inspiring. Great job Ladysilverwings! I hope Etsy makes your dreams come true so you are able to craft your way through college.

And now for the unveiling of my pick of the day.....


I chose this "Soaring Dove Necklace" for my pick of the day. I saw it and it just gives me peace and inspiration as I look at it. It just gives me hope, that no matter what kind of winds or storm we are currently in we can still come out soaring, and be at peace as a dove is.

The Soaring Dove necklace can be yours for $66.00 in Ladysilverwings shop. She is also offering a free notecard to anyone who purchases an item from her shop this week if you mention that you saw her shop featured on my blog. Just mention this in the notes to seller section when making your purchases.

Here is a link to see what her notecards look like: Ladysilverwings Notecards

I have to say, the notecards are absolutely amazing, and I can't believe she's offering a free note card with every purchase. Just remember to mention that you saw her shop featured on my blog and one of these notecards could be all yours!

You can find a direct link to Ladysilverwings shop on the left side of my blog under "My fave links".

Until tomorrow my blogger friends, blog on, blog on.