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Friday, November 20, 2009

New background... I made it myself!!!

Hello everyone! There are a few changes to my blog if you've noticed. :) for one, i have a new background. Lol, took me a whole 3 hrs to make! I will custom make sone for you too, or you can use this one! Just $1 for rights to use it on ONE blog or website. Lol, still need to work on a header tho, :) and next is that I have a fan box for River Breeze Networks. If you would please become a fan on facebook, and we also have a blog for River Breeze Networks also. Please follow us!! I promise we won't spam the heck outta you! I hate spam just like everyone else! Believe me, I have more than 4,000 emails in my inbox. If u want proof, leave a comment and I'll post a pic. I'm serious! Lol, ok, also I wanted to let any one of a "crafty" nature about a site called etsy. If you can make items that are handmade, or if you have vintage items you'd like to sell, you're in!! I love this site, much better than ebay, it's not as cluttered. you can check it out at Have fun!