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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well... now I have the ick.
Rich is the one who made me sick.
My nose is all stuffy,
my eyes are all puffy,
and I feel like I'm gonna vomit.

I can't even get out of bed.
I won't even try to lift up my head!
I just want to sleep,
but it won't be too deep,
I feel like I swollowed some commet.

Hubby is really great.
He's cleaned every dirty plate!
He kept the kids fed,
He even put them to bed!
I didn't have to lift one finger!

Although the situation is dire,
He even got wood for the fire!
He took out the trash,
What a dash!
He took so the smell wouldn't linger.

Although I'm at the end of my tale,
I'm still drinking ginger ale.
Although I'm feeling better,
Outside just gets wetter.
And I think I'll stay sick a bit longer....