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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

This lovely door hanger is the perfect accent to any girls room. This is a newly added item in Riaann's shop. It is $7.00 (don't forget the 20% discount with the code: rjblueyes). I love it and think it's one of the most adorable things I've seen!

The Simple Wishes stamp set (below) are gently used stamps. They are $6.00 (not counting the discount). You would probably pay more than this at a crafting store for such high quality stamps. She also shows a picture of the bottom of the stamp. If you would like to see those pictures you can click on Riaann's link at the top left of my blog under 'My Fave Links.

I will now be selling advertising for your etsy shop on my blog. if you would like your etsy shop to show up on the sidebar (either side) you can do so by commenting on my blog. The first to comment will get advertising next week. It will be 4 rows, 1 column for $2. I will also sell advertising under the pics of my followers, this will be $5 a week.

The first to comment with 'I want to show off my etsy shop!' in a comment below with where on my blog they would like to advertise will get the spot. There will only be one advertiser a week.If you want your link up under 'My fave links' it will be .50 a week if you are not/ have not been a featured seller. You will only be able to purchase two weeks total at one time. Meaning you can only stay on the side for two weeks.

Payment for advertising will need to be processed by paypal only. payment MUST be recieved within 24 hours or advertising spot will be given away.

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