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Monday, December 28, 2009

New found treasures

I found some lovely charms today while I was browsing MHaynes shop. So many charms, so little time! I found these beautiful Oyster charms today..

These lovely oyster charms are only $2.50! They are made from pewter and are 2 centimeters. I'm not quite sure why, but they made me think of Spongebob.

I also fell in love with these lovely deep blue drop shells. I think that a lovely pair of earrings and a matching bracelet could easily be made from these lovely drop shells. You can make all 20 of these drop shells yours for the modest price of $1.50!

These are amazing prices, and if I were talented enough to make jewelry, I would definately buy these beautiful items!

You can gain access to MHaynes2009 shop by simply clicking on her link to the top left under 'My Fave Links'. Happy shopping!

If you are a fellow etsian and looking to be featured on my blog, I am sorry to inform you that at this time I am not accepting anymore shops. I am totally booked through April 3rd! I will begin looking for shops to feature again toward the end of March. I will be in chat rooms on etsy, or you can send me a convo through etsy the last week of March.

I am looking forward to featuring all of our upcoming etsy shops in the near future, as I'm sure they're looking forward to being featured. If you are going to be featured please don't announce it on this blog, I want it to stay a surprise so everyone gets their very own week to be featured. However, if you're found to be announcing it on this blog then you will forefit your week to be featured. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Good night everyone!

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