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Friday, August 14, 2009

High Hits

Hello fellow readers and followers,

I have been kept quite busy this past week with, well, everything. Life just seemed to happen. I will spare you the details. :) The major things that did happen was I went to register for fall quarter and they wanted like 1500 bucks! I was like WHAT?! Where am I supposed to pull 1500 bucks from? So anyways, I'm gonna be switching schools. I think it's actually for the better though cause then I can get stuff in order, maybe do some cleaning before christmas. Notice I said MAYBE. And what else... oh, I took my oldest daughter to meet her kindergarten teacher yesterday. It's a new school, and it looks awesome. Her teacher was really nice, and my daughter really seemed to like her. I also discovered a new site called High Hits. I'm not sure if this site really works yet. I guess I will see. If it does I will post a link for it, but I want to make sure it makes a difference for referrals. If anyone has had an experience with high hits, good or bad, please put it on my comments for my blog. I, along with anyone reading, would like to know if this site is really legit and if it really works. Thanks! Happy Posting!

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