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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting better

Thank goodness for antibiotics! After about a week of suffering from congestion, broncitis, and nausea I'm starting to feel better! Just in time to make up a quiz and midterm from last week, take an exam in chemistry lecture and start a new chapter on nuclear chemistry, take a quiz in chemistry lab, and write a speech. Talk about a super busy week! My oldest daughter also goes to her 2nd staggered day of Kindergarten. She loves it, and was quite angry with me last week when I picked her up 'cause she had to go home. She wanted to stay there! I guess it's a good thing she likes school, and she likes that she gets to go to school like mommy and daddy. :) Only a few more weeks left in this quarter, then I'm taking fall quarter off. I need this time to find a new school, my tuition is just getting to be WAY to expensive. I wrote about it in one of my earlier posts. Anyways, had to write something to let my readers know I'm still around and surviving the crud. :) I also put up a new link for providence. I love it there! You can listen to the podcasts once you get to the website, it's so awesome, and there's a GREAT environment there with something for everyone. On their last MANday night (a group of men getting together on mondays) they had baby back ribs. They're constantly doing cool stuff like that, and giving you ways to 'connect' with others. Check it out, and maybe we'll see you around!

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