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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halloween stuff

Ok. I went to the store to get my oldest MORE school supplies. Yes, that's right, I said MORE. The reason for this is that my oldest and middle daughters decided to tear the boxes of the crayons, pencils, and kleenex to decorate my living room. They also proceeded to 'decorate' my walls, and to pour glue ALL over the floor. I went into my bedroom for not even 5 minutes to get ready for school, and they had done all that. To those who still ask me why I smoke cigarettes, this is why:

Anyways, I couldn't believe it when I walked into the store and was bombarded by halloween stuff. Are you kidding me? We just got the kids into school! Give us parents a chance to breathe. It seems like they keep putting this stuff up earlier and earlier every year. Soon it will be halloween, then time will fly, we'll turn around and it'll be Thanksgiving. Then before you know it, Christmas. Yep, Christmas is in 18 weeks and 2 days. Alot of you probably hate me for saying that, but it's true! Soon the madness will begin.

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