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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christmas is coming!!! AHHHH!!!!

Ok, I'm starting to sell my Christmas ornaments as of now. The Christmas ornaments I sell are hand made and beaded. The pictures are below:

These are just a few sample colors. I have alot of different colors, and these are made to order. If you're wanting some before Christmas, please order early to make sure they get delivered on time. I only accept payment through paypal. I do this because it protects both of our information. If you are interested please email me at Please include in the subject line 'Christmas ornaments' so I don't accidentally delete it. I get quite a bit of spam. Lol. Also include in the email what colors you would like.

I also make 'Patitudes'. Patitudes are pillows with attitude! These are also made to order, so please order early to give enough time to ensure they will be there for Christmas. I can do sport team colors, or just your favorite colors! My kids love these 'cause they're just the right size( I like em cause they're durable). I also make a mini version for potpourri, which is great for in the bathroom. (If you have small kids they can't get into it) Just email me at the email addy above with 'Patitudes' in the subject line and with which colors you would like in the email. When I get pictures of them I will post them here in my blog. Happy blogging!

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Hey girlfriend!! Looks like you've been busy!!
Hope Lissi keeps liking school all the way through high school!!
Did you cry the first day?
I did but was happy the first day of Kev's.....the other parents thought I was insane cose I was sooo happy!!
The chocking and crying feeling comes back when the first one to look forward too, eh?? Trust me, it goes fast and they're graduating before you know it!!