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Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW FEATURE: debscrafts55

Okay. So I would've had this finished this morning if it wasn't for blogger taking on a mind of it's own. I had finally finished my post, and blogger was having a problem with me posting my post. Well, I've got one thing to say. Thanks alot blogger, now no one will ever see the wonderful and heartfelt post I wrote. LOL! Just kidding. I pretty much just told everyone to drink their nice warm coffee cause I didn't have any yet and I hoped y'all were enjoying it.

Anyways, I'd like to welcome the new feature of the week! Big round of applause for Debscrafts55!

I asked Debscrafts55 to tell me a little more about herself so we could all get to know her on a more personal level. I'm going to call this segment "The Artist Behind The Art" from now on.

The Artist Behind The Art

"I love to crochet and create new patterns. I don't sell my creations, I give it all away to various charities (and sometimes family and friends). I also give away my patterns free on my blog I am constantly scouring thrift shops, auctions and yard sales for yarn and other supplies for my charity crafting and often find craft related things that I'll probably never use but can't resist buying. Last summer, because of several factors coming together, I needed to reduce my stash and make some extra money so I opened my Etsy shop. I haven't even gotten through what I already had and I'm still buying more. I never know what I might find so you'll never know what I might list next in my Etsy shop."

Great idea Debscrats55!

The Knitty Gritty

Debscrafts55 has been around on Etsy since July of 2010. Within that time she's had 272 sales and 100% feedback! WOW!!! Way to go Debscrafts55! She also at this very minute has 371 items for sale in her shop! Even featuring her for a week, there is no possible way I could come close to posting all the beautiful items in her shop. I encourage all of you to head her way and check it out.

My Pick of the Day

Well, it's that time again....

And I picked....

I picked this really awesome "Neon Splash Fireworks Print". It measures out to be 3 1/4 yards long, 44/45 inches wide, and is 100% cotton.

This fabric is only $12. YES! I said that 3 1/4 YARDS of fabric is ONLY $12!!! I can't even get fabric that cheap at Joann Fabrics unless it's ugly! And this is FAR from ugly.

Check out Debscrafts55's shop on Etsy by clicking the link under "My Fave Links". By the way, I hope you all had awesome coffee. I did, and am on a caffeine kick as we speak. I'm going to go mop and clean. Yeah, I love energy ;)


NeverTooOld said...

Hi RJ n Debscrafts55!!

Hope you both are doing well this fine friday. Wonderful post and yes RJ, sippin' on a cup of Joe as I type, well, ok, not as I type, but inbetween, ha! Have a great weekend and catch up to you two soon!

All The Best

rjblueyes said...

Hey there NeverTooOld! Yeah, I wasn't doing too good over the weekend. I caught whatever was going around at my daughters school. My niece was over here playing and I think she had it too. Although she didn't show signs of anything until she went home. So yeah, been an interesting week and weekend. :)