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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DAY 2 OF FEATURE: Ladysilverwings

Alrighty, since I was able to get my lazy butt outta bed this morning and get my daughter on the bus on time for once, I decided to get online. Especially since my 2 younger daughters were still asleep, and still are. You are probably thinking "Why?" Well, I'm thinking the same thing. I should go enjoy being able to hear myself think, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching the TODAY show knowing I'll be able to hear it and not have to turn on the captions so I know what's going on. But I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those days that if I don't get it done early, it ain't getting done.

So I hope you enjoy todays post Ladysilverwings, I'm giving up a steaming cup of coffee and having peace and quiet just for you. LOL ;)

So, since I've had my time to ramble on about nothing, I think I will tell you what my pick of the day is.

Well....wouldn't you like to know?

If you do, then you shall.


The beautiful cross pictured above is called the "Cross Knot Necklace". It is hand tied and knotted, and uses wooden beads. The picture i chose doesn't show them, but if you go to Ladysilverwings shop (there's a link on the left under "My fave links") there are pictures showing the beads on it.

The necklace is 26.5 inches in total length, and is made from a soft suede like material. It is also adjustable so you can make it your desired length. The only question I have for this one, is how long is the cross itself?

I will contact Ladysilverwings and give you an answer as soon as I know. My answer will be posted below in the comments.

I chose the Cross Knot Necklace with Easter in mind. It's february people! Do you not think that Easter isn't going to sneak up on us? Hello! Before we know it it's gonna be Christmas again! I said it, I know you probably don't like it, but I said it. And you KNOW it's true.

Anyways, before I forget what I'm talking about, I thought that the Cross Knot Necklace would make an awesome Easter gift. And for only $28 bucks, that's better than alot of the cheap crap you find in walmart. At least you know that this will last, it is unique and not mass marketed, and it's handmade! I've seen stuff like this on Etsy alot, and it's WAY more pricey and digs deep in you wallet.

So save some cash, get something cool, and get something free out of it too! Yeah, don't forget, mention my blog in notes to seller on ANY purchase made in Ladysilverwings shop and you get a free notecard!

If you would like to see what her notecards look like, please feel free to look over yesterdays post.

That's it for today my fellow bloggians. Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did. But know the kiddos are awake.



Anonymous said...

The cross on the necklace measures about 1.5 inches long :)

rjblueyes said...

thanks ladysilverwings!