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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New found site for online

Amanda Fouts V.A. from has contacted me recently to post an article about thier site. I am getting paid for this post, but I'm still remaining completely honest as to what I think of thier site. has a TON of coupons that range from wholesale and toys, to home decor and accesories. If you can find a site to shop at online, they probably have a coupon for it!

They also have a great incentive program for members called "Pays-2-Share". All you do is sign up for the pays-2-share program, upload coupons, and when someone uses the coupon you upload you get 2% of the sales! In case you're wondering, they do pay by paypal and by check. I'm not sure about other means of payment, but they do say they pay by paypal and check.

Another feature I like, and I'm sure you will too, is if you have an online store you can post it on for free! I found this on their hompage on the right towards the bottom. Since I have quite a few followers that have an Etsy shop, I thought you might like this. :)

The only thing that concerns me is that this site does not have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate places security on the site and helps to keep information safe. When I asked Amanda about this she ensured that their members information is safe and no one needs to enter any insecure information if they so choose.

Since you won't really be shopping on thier site I think you'll be okay. You just get the code and go shopping. But I would safeguard information such as phone numbers, etc. just to be safe. You don't have to be a member to use the coupons listed.

I do want to mention that they have quite a few REALLY good coupons that expire very soon. If you like Vera Bradley you may want to hurry to get this coupon code. They have 17% off on any 1 item!

They also have an amazing Clinique coupon. It's free shipping for any order over $40. I use clinique and know how easily you can get up to a $40 purchase. I love Clinique because their makeup lasts forever and doesn't make my skin break out.

Here's the link to At least take a look around to see what you can find. They have some amazing deals! If you have an online store, this would be a great way to get some exposure to your site.

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