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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tina's blog reaches 1 million hits!

If you read my blog you'd know that I have a blog list on the lower left side. You'd also see part of the post about her blog getting 1 million hits. It's really not too hard to believe since Tina helps out sooooooooooo many bloggers.

There are so many (including me) that keep going back to her blog to find out how we can make ours look better, add cute little gadgets (like my butterfly button), and where we can find even more help if we need it.

Tina, in honor of her 1 million hits, is giving away some amazing prizes! Her first place prize is $15 AND 3 months FREE advertising! Second place will get $10 and 2 months FREE advertising! Third place will get $5 and 1 month FREE advertising! All you have to do is blog about her giveaway on your blog and leave her a comment letting her know that you've done so. You can click on the button at the bottom of my blog to see the rules (and Tinas awesome blog!).

I've used Tina's advice over and over to help my blog become what it is today. It used to be one of the templates that blogger gives you. I wanted my blog to be more like me, my style, and something unique. If you want to be unique and make a better blog, follow Tina! She gives great tips and it's so easy to change your blog into something that YOU want.

Flip your blog today and click on the blog fairy button at the bottom of my blog! Don't forget to enter the contest! This would be great Etsy advertising!

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tututina said...

Great post, my friend!! Your entry is officially valid. Love your blog! Good luck!