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Monday, February 8, 2010

New Featured Seller~~ Fanzythat

I came across this shop while in a newbie chat on Etsy. It is AMAZING!!

Fanzythat has been a member on Etsy for almost a year now! Fanzythat joined Etsy on May29, 2009, has had 3 sales, and all with 100% feedback! Way to go!!!!

Fanzy has some very unique and amazing items, I urge everyone to drop in and take a peek ;)

Here are only some of the things I found in Fanzythats shop~~

I found this adorable little mouse while looking around. This little mouse ( named Flower) is hand crocheted in a smoke free environment, is child safe, and all features are hand embroidered. You can make Flower yours for $6. Soooooo cute!

Next I chose these beautiful imperial earrings. They are $20 and worth every penny! You can tell just by the photograph alone that ALOT of hard work and love went into these earrings. Absolutely gorgeous! Great picture Fanzy!

I'm sorry this past week for not having a featured shop on my blog, I am having a few family issues. Nothing with my children or husband, but some distant family members that are very close to me are going through some rough times. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

On a lighter note, since it's soooooooo hard for me to give away money on my blog, the first to comment on this post of what they think of Fanzythat's shop will get $1. Please post your paypal addy also. Good night everyone!


ZeeBree said...

Such a cute store! Thanks for sharing! :)

rjblueyes said...

Hi ZeeBree! Thanks for leaving a comment! If you leave me your paypal addy I will send you that $1! I'm glad you enjoyed the new featured shop.

ZeeBree said...

Aww, You are too kind! I dont mind commenting for free. :)

But feel free to follow my blog!

rjblueyes said...

I like to run little contests here and there. Nothing is better than free stuff!