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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lazy days are gone...

No, this post is not being about lazy, nor have I been lazy. I really don't know where the title of this post came from, but it must be because I've had WAY too much caffeine and the fact that it is one o'clock in the morning.

Okay, I lied. Right now it is only 12:44. BIG difference there! Lol, anyways, I want to do a special week of posts, yes, starting today, tonight, whatever. So while all the early birds are in bed, night owls here is your chance! I want to do a special posting for Etsy sellers, advertisers, whateverelsers (like my make up name? yeah, I'm really tired) to catch up on all the months I've missed.

Have friends? Good. Have a Facebook page? Great! Have twitter? Even better! You are gonna need 'em. So if your friends owe you one it's time to call in that "ya owe me big time!". Believe me, it is gonna be soooooooo worth it!

What am I up too? Oh, nothing really. Just no good at all. ;) Read on my minions, read on....

Who wants a TON of traffic to thier specified site? (I do! I do!)

I will post in the morning afternoon and night everywhere I possibly can (where they won't criminally press charges for hacking into a web site, lol, jk. But really, I won't do that.) Facebook, blogger, you name it 'cause if I'm a member (there's hardly any sites where I'm not a member) It's soooooo getting posted. The only catch is that we are going to make this a little type of sweepstakes kinda thing, or a giveaway if you will.

You donate one small item(etsy) and in return I post all about your shop, EVERYWHERE. Meaning MEGA traffic for Christmas shoppers! I am only going to do this through Friday. So if you are interested use the contact button above and shoot me an email with a pic of the item you will be donating and sending to the winner, your links (facebook, twitter, etsy, etc.) that you want traffic to, and a number 1-12. The first four people to post a comment below will be the fortunate four. Good luck everyone!

1 comment:

NeverTooOld said...

Oh that sooo bumms me out when no one wants to play, ugggh!! It sounded so fun too!! Never give up that spunk and it's like the kuelest thing ever!! Dig ur blog, posts, and wish ya all the best!! Cya soon!