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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How many actual readers are there out there?

Just curious as to how many of you actually read my blog. So, i'm doing a mega giveaway. Through this weekend I am giving away a very special ornament. My mother learned how to make these from her mother, and so on, so it is a very secritive family pattern for these ornaments. And if you have enough patience to make them, you deserve them. There is a picture below.

As you can see, they look beautiful on a tree, or if you like, you can even hang one in your car. I like to because it catches the sun so well and it just shines and sparkles. It looks amazing if you use it on your tree also, it catches the light from the christmas lights and it just sparkles.

So did I make you want one? I hope so, because you can get one pretty easily, and no strings attached. I will ship you your very own ornament and pay for the shipping myself! All you have to do is tell your friends! Yup, that simple. Tell them to follow my blog & follow me on twitter, post your name, and voila! you've got yourself a beautiful, even better FREE, ornament! That's all you have to do! Simply search for RJBLUEYES in the search box on twitter & follow me, next come back here(If you follow my blog you don't have to do the next part) and follow my blog, (do this part though) and put a comment under this post with your name. That's it, I swear!

The person with the the most posts with their name(including your friends following me on twitter and on my blog) wins this beautiful ornament. Want an extra bonus? It's a surprise! ;) So get on out there guys and spread the word!


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don't forget to have your friends to follow and post ur name!