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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woohoo! The new website is up!

My hubby just fixed a few more things today, so it's ready to use. It'll be awile till he can put some REALLY cool stuff up, but hey, he works 40+ hours a week. I think he did AWESOME! He built it from scratch, and put my side up before his. :) He is sooooo sweet! He's gonna use his side to advertise for building websites. He loves computers, and can do all sorts of stuff. Lord knows how many programming and IT books we have. He's even going to ITT Tech just so he can have the degree to back him up. The programming class he took there was a joke, he was pretty much teaching the teacher. Lol, the teacher tried to say that programming in DOS and Visual Basic isn't real programming. Lol, my hubby tried to teach me that, it was a nightmare! Sorry for getting all technical. Anyways, if anyone needs a programmer/designer, I know someone. *wink* Anyways, check out the link to the left for Creative Accents. Yea! My first web page!!

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