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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coupon books, sickness, and appointments, OH MY!

Within the past month I've had I don't know how many appointments. Hubby is sick again :( Some kinda stomache virus. Went to the Dr. today and they told him he can't go to work until Saturday. I took the two younger girls to the Dr. yesterday to get the flu shot and immunizations. Yikes! Rebekkah only got the flu shot and 2 viles of blood drawn. She didn't cry or even wimper! Kara got 4 shots in her left leg, 3 in the right, and they had to poke her twice (once in each arm) to draw blood. The second time they got a vein but she moved and the needle came out. So they had to prick her cute little toe and get blood that way to see if she was still anemic and for lead. Boy did she scream, the poor little thing. And tis the time for coupon books to be sold. Poor Alyssa, she won't even reach the 5 needed to get a little t-shirt. And she's only 1 away!!! I checked to see how her class was doing on selling them and it's pitiful. They've barely filled the bottom of their little thermometer thingy. I can't wait to get mine though! They've got alot of really good ones this year! I know for sure we'll be using the Snappy Tomato one this year! That's one of the new ones they put in. Got some new pics of the new patitudes I've done :)

This one is embroidered and in UT colors:

This one is in camoflauge colors (I thought it was a cute idea):

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