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Monday, July 27, 2009

Totally swamped!

Ok, I know it was my bright idea to take 4 classes this quarter, so I'm being punished. I am so totally swamped! I've got a midterm on Wednesday in Effective speaking, a chemistry lab test on tuesday--which I hope I don't blow myself up, and a quiz on Thursday in Medical law and Ethics. I feel like my head is gonna explode! Anyone have some good study tips?


hundrede said...

Hi Rdmblueeyes. :D
- surfacesur from My Lot

rjblueyes said...

hi surfacesur! :)

towandaprice said...

Hello and well done loved reading. Keep blogging.

Neha said...

hi there, myself from mylot..
I must say your font tooo big here..

bziebarth said...

I can totally to being swamped with college work. I work full time, am a volunteer firefighter, and carry 12 credit hours per semester.

Organization is the key and do not lose hope. Keep trudging along and you will make it.

fifileigh said...

draw tree maps to help your organize what you study. do them in different colors, each stem, to help u remember them better.

do outlines.

when u read each chapter, summarize each section u read in your own words and write it out in your own words. it is kind of like an outline.

use index cards to write important notes. cram as much as you can into one card, and write it small. it helps you remember better.

Lynda said... I know for a fact you could get alot more done if we didn't talk on the phone, IM and send each other want the other 5,000 very cool emails I have left or were you good with just the 20 or so? hahahaaaa.......